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These Tears

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


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These tears after years without cheers exhibited a moment I knew was near. 

These tears that I could hear, trailed down my cheeks so packed and left tracks in this race that felt maxed. 

To Mother Nature and her majestical powers, the glass is shattered yet again and this time, it produced your first daughter. 

Sheer force and wit that it just hit so different. They call it #BlackGirlMagic

I say you gotta have it. 

But, this moment is only so electrical until that glass ceiling is eradicated and that will be the true meaning of majestical. 

I speak of that shattered glass ceiling, which intervenes on the possibility to blissfully evolve. 

You see, that glass ceiling. Yes, That ole’ glass ceiling; is constructed so strong and wrong that this tune might not have been sung. 

That ole glass ceiling. It takes and gives, takes and gives, takes and gives, takes and gives, takes and gives, takes and gives until you’re left with nothing but just a life to live. 

But what is a life to live without liberty and the pursuit of happiness? 

It is time. Oh yes, it is time. To eradicate that glass ceiling for this action shall unleash the willing and prepared to do what many never dared. 

"And that is. Be who your creator designed you to be."

For every mountain that seems too high, it is possible to mount.

For every story that seems too imaginative, you can turn into reality 

For every soul that is darkened by every surrounding light that is dimmed, let your own light shine bright. 

These tears, fill up the glass that seemed empty with redemption and hope.

For the one that came before us, this moment we nod to you because this shit is just so dam dope. 

Congratulations, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on becoming the President elect and Vice-President elect of the United States of America. 

Disclaimer: This creative piece was written to recognize the groundbreaking presidential election in the United States of America. In this recent Presidential election, there was the most amount of votes for a presidential candidate that had ever been cast. Also, this moment represents a shift in culture for women across the country. Truly, historic!


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