It started with an idea. One night I had a dream that motivated me to unleash my creative potential by starting a brand. Yea I know, cliché asf. But this is the truth. Ultimately, in the dream, I stepped into my purpose. Something that is a challenge for many. So, this blog is the manifestation of what I believe to be my purpose but also my passion.


 The Fréderiq moniker is a reclassification of my last name to introduce you to the Fréderiq brand and trailblaze a path of my own. The Fréderiq blog began when I was a Senior in Undergrad at Florida State University. I worked as a Staff writer for the FSVIEW and Florida Flambeau of the Arts & Culture section. With a true passion that recognizes the power of words, the Fréderiq blog will be accompanied by the Fréderiq video blog featuring visual Lifestyle content, merchandise, podcasts, innovative concpets, features, collaborations, and more.

Currently, I'm the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) Aerospace-Defense and Policy Fellow. Previously, I worked with the Maryland Academic Validation Program as a Policy Analyst focusing on Education Policy, Project Management, and Organizational Development. I placed as a semi-finalist with the American University School of Public Affairs #CtrlAltDelete team in the 2021 Atlantic Council Cyber 9-12 Strategy Competition. Additionally, I am a 2020 inductee of the Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society focusing on national security policy. And, I am a 2020 Equity and Inclusion fellow with the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) in Washington DC.

With an innovative approach to creativity and public service, I aim to marry together the concept of professionalism and careers of creativity with eye-catching content and more.


I invite you to like, comment and subscribe to this blog content to stay updated with the latest news on the Fréderiq Blog. If you are a brand ambassador, small business, private corporation, government official, school, or anything of the liking and you aspire to do a collaboration, head over to the collaboration tab and fill out the form to provide more information.